Wednesday, July 27, 2011

First Cleats Review

I absolutely adore these little shoes! I wish my son could fit into them but his feet are too big and when he was 0-6 months he had big feet to so not sure they would have fit him then either lol Definitely check them out!

Also, check out my review/giveaway on YouTube:

Some background about First Cleats:

First Cleats are the world’s first and only soft and safe, sporty newborn baby cleats. They are designed after big kids soccer, baseball, football and golf cleats.  Our First Cleats make every baby an MVB,  Most Valuable Baby.

First Cleats is headquartered at 5400 Carillon Point in Kirkland, Washington.  We are a daughter/ mother team, my daughter, Karrie is the President and I am the Vice President which is a reversal from prior years when I was the CEO/President of Satellite Travel Systems and she was the Manager of my Leisure/Group Travel Division and Director and Star of our “Just Go Travel Show”.

My grandchildren , her children are Cody, age 14 who is Team Captain for Eastside FC Boys U14 A team.  Gracie is 9 and plays for Eastside FC Girls U10 A Soccer Team.  Dallas is 6 and is a budding soccer, baseball and flag football player. 

  The idea for First Cleats was born in early 2010 as my daughter and I spent way to many hours driving to/ from and watching sometimes in the bitter cold and pouring rain all of the above sporting activities.  With the help and inspiration of a close friend the concept came to life. Our first shipment of “First Cleats” arrived in late March 2011 and are selling all over the nation.

Our “First Cleats” are just that. Meant for pre-walking little kickers and golfers, 0 to 6 months is the only size they come in. They make a fun sporty gift for all to give a MVB, Most Valuable Baby.  “First Cleats are soft safe infant crib shoes designed after big kids soccer, football, baseball, and golf cleats. 

We are finding that not only do infant boutiques like to sell them but also soccer shops, sporting shoe shops,  and golf shops and Nordstrom. They bring a whole new dimension to the otherwise pretty bland new born merchandise marketplace.

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