Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Moving on up!

My son Ryder will be 2 in September! Crazy how time flies. We're transitioning from his crib to a toddler bed as we speak, scary I know. My parents bought Ryder a Toy Story toddler bed for Christmas, and yes we put it together that day :) I wasn't quite ready to take down or even take him out of his crib, its a very big transition for all of us, he's growing up right before our eyes. I'm so proud of the toddler he has become but miss the little baby, probably why I'm starting to get baby fever again ;) Anyways back on track, so we have kept Ryder's crib as well as his toddler bed in his room, hoping he'd get the hang of getting on and off of it so when the time came to move him he would know exactly what to do. We thought we'd test it out a couple times during nap, which worked out great, but it was really hard for me to fathom him being in there ALL night, he may have been ready but I wasn't, that was until recently. I know its time and I know he's ready so we're attempting this whole night thing tonight, I'm paranoid as a new mom would be, but i know he's gonna do great. i really wish I had a video monitor so I could watch him but I'm so scared of someone else being able to pick up that video feed, not a comforting thought thinking someone is watching your baby sleep. Luckily I do have a monitor so I have hear every little movement and every little noise, but that doesn't stop me from going in there and checking on him every like 30 minutes :) He looks like such a little man and I'm excited to see what he does in the morning, I'm so proud of him and I want him to be excited that he's making such a big step. Hopefully all goes well! :D Next step... getting the paci! ;)

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  1. Greeeat. Your son is 2 and you still check on him all night? My daughter is 10 months and I've been waiting on the day when I will stop feeling the need to peek in at her every hour. I will probably have to check in on her til she's a teenager! =)