Saturday, July 9, 2011

My Experience with Mirena

After many failed attempts with other birth controls my husband and I decided to give Mirena a chance. I always do lots of google searches about a product before trying it, and thats what I did before I called and made an appointment with my Doctor. I had read about 75% good reviews and 25% not so good, but I weighed the pros and cons and thought about how my body might react, and decided to give it a try. if me or my husband didn't like the side effects we could always have it removed, right? No biggie. I made an appointment with my doctor to have the Mirena put in, I was super excited and couldn't wait, so was my hubby! I went in one morning, I had read and heard from friends to take some Ibuprofen before because of the cramping I would feel during and after, so I definitely made sure to do that. The Doctors office got me into a room extremely fast, the Doctor came in explained what he would be doing and showed me the Mirena, he told me all I should feel is a little cramping and that would be it, not so bad so I thought. As I lay there on the table my Doctor asked if I was ready i replied "ready as I'll ever be". My Doctor really seemed to be struggling and it seemed to be taking longer than normal, I began to worry that this wasn't going to happen. The little bit of cramping I thought I was going to feel turned into the most pain I have ever felt, mind you I had a c-section. Finally it was in! Come to find out the reason my Doctor had so much trouble is because my cervix was so tight and the Mirena wouldn't fit, he actually almost gave up. Usually when you have a baby vaginally your cervix never fully closes, well because I never dilated my cervix was never open so thats why I felt so much pain. I was so glad it was over, now to wait and see what side effects I would have. I ended up spotting for about 2 months then it stopped thinking "ok maybe now I wont have a period" boy was I wrong I still had those and on top of that the spotting would come on for no reason, I was not a happy camper neither was my husband. Well, recently my brother in law and sister in law were in town, she is pregnant with their first child and boy did we get some baby fever lol My husbands family and my family kept pressuring my husband into giving it up for baby #2 . They must have done a pretty good job, this past Thursday I had the Mirena removed :D I was so scared to have the Mirena removed afraid I would feel the same pain as when I had it put it, but nope it literally felt like I had a tamponed pulled out *TMI* and now me and the hubby are BDing every other night so hopefully we get a BFP in the near future ::Fingers Crossed::

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